A Musical Journey through Storytelling, Dramatic Soundscapes and a PURPOSE!

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Don;t Say Goodbye is my first foray into orchestral Rock. Rock and Orchestra has been a heady dream for me, and now I've blended them in my music. I'd love to know your thoughts. Click here to ;listen and get a Bonus  - "The Story Behind The Song"

Free From Gravity Music

Who Are Free From Gravity?

Hi and thanks for visiting my webpage/ My name is Vince Barnes and Free From Gravity is my baby and has been since abut 2010 - but it has been a long and sometimes twisted journey along the way. 

My journey started with a simple idea, my DREAM! To play in front of 10,000people and have them sing along with me to my songs. That was in 1994!

Along the way, I met some homeless people. They all wanted to change their situation. My simple notion was to try and help them do that.


They deserve a safe place to stay, a bed to lie in, a warm place to live, food to eat and an opportunity to work. Just like you and I. And we are only 1 salary payment away from hmelessness ourselves. 

On my journey I met Simon, who’s story was amazing – he borrowed £500 from The Big Issue to buy a guitar, and literally busked himself off the streets.

Then there was Dave, who I bumped into outside the local supermarket and asked me for change, who inspired the song Tea, Coffee or Something

And Russell, (and Lexi) who I found a job with accommodation, (it was a caravan but he earnt a good wage and didn’t have to pay for the caravan).

And Paul, who stayed with me, and then my brother, while he found his way. Then a year or so afterwards we helped him again by giving him a place to stay and a job.

I have met others along the way and they all had a unique story to tell. And I want my music to be a positive force for change in their lives by highlighting their plight, playing concerts to get much needed clothes or food, and raising money to help those who can directly help them. 

A Musical Journey through Storytelling, Dramatic Soundscapes and a PURPOSE!

Here's how to get started:

Musical Journey

Music is magical. We will take you on a roller coaster ride to another time, invoke emotional highs  and inspire you to things you never thought possible.

All this from 7 little notes!

Storytelling & Soundscapes

FFG’s Stories  happiness, sadness, overcoming difficulty and being a rebel. All to magical soundscapes that hug and embrace you and leave you so high you could walk across the ceiling


Through music, we encourage you to look differently at homeless. We’ve all walked past homeless and glanced away. But the difference you’d make just saying hello – could be life changing.. Next time say hi. They don’t bite!

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June 22, 2020


About Me.

Hi, I'm Vince and Free From Gravity (FFG) has been my baby since 2011. Since that time I have had numerous band members and in 2018, after the launch of our album in Southsea, UK, I became very disillusioned with music. It seemed like I was forever managing, promoting, writing & arranging music, organising gigs and rehearsals, putting the album together, and everything that went with it.

Almost immediately after the album launch, I called it a day.

They Say

Rick Jamm

Jammsphere Magazine

"This is simply one of the most compelling Soft and Melodic rock bands in recent memory 

A&R team,

 Got That Music LLC Records

All Purpose Music Group LLC

" Vince is a very talented singer songwriter with extreme potential."

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